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Castle Hill United Football Club - Arrow Physiotherapy

Have you seen our signage at Fred Caterson Reserve soccer fields this season?

Arrow Physiotherapy is pleased to be associated with Castle Hill United Football Club. This season, we have provided injury prevention advice to all coaches at the club, with the intention of helping minimise injuries in all players. We have also presented the FIFA 11+ warm-up program to all coaches and have urged them to utilise this for training and games. The FIFA 11+ is a scientifically developed warm-up program which has been proven to reduce injury rates among soccer players. If your coach isn’t using the FIFA 11+ with your team or you would like more information visit the FIFA 11+ website for all the relevant information.


We wish everyone at Castle Hill United Football Club a successful and injury-free season.

If you do have any injury concerns, our sports physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in managing football-specific injuries. Appointments can be made by phoning 8850 7770 or online.


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