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Physio Conference

“The 3 big take away messages our physios got from the National Physio Conference & what it means for you!”

Our physios, Chris & Antonietta, are just back from 3 jam-packed days at the largest physiotherapy conference in Australia (held every 2nd year) & their brains are primed with the latest & greatest knowledge to help you!

Whilst the conference was full of presentations that will influence the way our physios treat our patients, we have asked Chris & Antonietta to tell us the 3 biggest take-away messages that they will use to help you as patients!

So, what were the 3 big take-away messages that they picked up?

1. Conservative management (physiotherapy) can be just as successful as surgery for a number of serious shoulder injuries including labral injuries and sub-acromial impingement conditions. Surgery may not be magic bullet for everything – physiotherapy can give equally impressive results!

2. Compressive load for side-of-hip pain (gluteal tendinopathy or trochanteric bursitis) is incredibly important to manage. Altering daily activities in ways that reduce compressive forces on the side of the hip and improving movement patterns which also lessen compression are a key consideration and need to be included in rehabilitation programs to allow for recovery. We need to look well beyond injections and passive treatment methods and use treatment methods which actually change what is happening on the side of the hip!

3. Simple and consistent rehabilitation techniques appear to deliver the best results for many conditions. Are you over-complicating your rehabilitation? Are you being consistent with what you need to do to recovery from your injury?

If you want to pick their brains about all the latest and greatest when it comes to physiotherapy treatments, you can make an appointment by calling 8850 7770 or online clicking here.

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