Reduce your Injury Risk Ahead of the Football Season

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With just under 4 weeks to the start of the competitive football season for most codes, here are 3 things that you can do to reduce your injury risk headlining into the season.

Football Preseason Injury Risk Reducton

1. ATTEND PRESEASON TRAINING. Or at least do some training on your own. The biggest factor leading to injury at the start of the football season is a change in activity load. So, if you haven’t done any physical activity since the end of last season, then you are potentially asking for trouble! The purpose of preseason training is to gradually condition the body & gradually expose your body to the demands of the sport. In doing so, the physical load asked of your body is gradually increased such that it can adapt to be stronger & more resilient. Jumping straight in to round 1 (or a full-on trial game) without training is a massive change in activity load, which your body may not be able to deal with the stresses & strains placed on it.

2. COMPLETE A WARM-UP PROGRAM THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO REDUCE INJURY RATES. The perfect example of this is the FIFA 11+ program which is a fantastic series of exercises designed to be used as a warm-up before training & there is even an abbreviated version to be used prior to games. It has been studied extensively & shown to drastically reduce injury rates in footballers of all levels & genders. We’ll be posting more about FIFA 11+ & other injury prevention programs specifically in coming days – stay tuned! If you are a coach of a soccer team – this is an absolute must to be using with your team!!

3. GET ANY NIGGLING INJURIES ATTENDED TO NOW BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS. This may sound obvious – going into the season carrying an injury will likely result in aggravating it further or even putt you at risk of another injury.

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