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The physiotherapists at Arrow Physiotherapy are now using Rocktape to assist in the management and prevention of injuries.


Rocktape - How it works

Rocktape is a form of kinesiotape (a stretchy tape as opposed to the more common rigid strapping tape) which is useful for many muscle & tendon injuries as well as movement issues.

Rocktape - Sport Uses


Rocktape is easily applied, comes in 5cm & 10cm widths, is water resistant and can generally be left applied for 3+ days.


Rocktape - Properties


Rocktape is used by many athletes, both elite & recreational, to assist with their performance.

Rocktape Performance


Rocktape comes in a range of vibrant colours and patterns (as well as some more neutral colours).

Rocktape Pyramid

Rocktape is available for purchase in the clinic for personal use.

If you are not sure whether this product is suitable for your circumstances or how to correctly apply the tape, you should consult with your physiotherapist.

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