18 May 15

Cam Boots

CAM boots, moon boots, fracture boots….they are all different names for the same thing.

A CAM boot is used to help immobilise the foot and/or ankle following injury/surgery to allow for healing to occur. They are useful in managing the following conditions:

  • Foot/ankle fractures,
  • Severe ankle sprains,
  • Following foot/ankle surgery.

There are a range of different CAM boots available and the right boot depends on the specific injury. There are short boots, long boots, boots that allow some movement and boots that allow no movement at all.

Arrow Physiotherapy stocks a range of CAM boots and can fit the right boot for your injury. We will also ensure that you know how to put on/take off your boot and are able to mobilise safely whilst wearing it (some injuries will allow you to walk on the boot, whilst others require you to be non-weight bearing).

If you require a CAM boot, please phone us on 8850 7770 to make an appointment for a fitting.

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