2 Mar 18

Standing desks may not be the answer after all

A recent study (Baker et al. 2018) examining a small group of people doing 2 hours of computer work at a standing desk, resulted in:

general body discomfort
lower limb swelling
cognitive function
mental state

However on the plus side, it resulted in:

creative problem-solving ability

As you can see, standing desks should be approached with caution. If you have been a patient of ours and had discussions with us around sitting or standing at work, you will probably have heard us talking about the need to avoid prolonged sedentary postures, whether sitting or standing. The best thing to be doing is to try to move often and if possible vary your work position.

Perhaps as an alternative, we all need a treadmill desk!! If you have been in the clinic at times, you may have seen our physio Chris turning our treadmill into a desk (see photo).

Ref: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00140139.2017.1420825?journalCode=terg20

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